Over the years, the Spencers have recorded 30 albums! Below is a list of albums along with songs that The Spencers have released over the years. To purchase these albums, you can click on the individual links below, or visit our Products Page.


Southern and Bluegrass Gospel

Southern and Bluegrass Gospel | Buy Now

  1. Look At Calvary
  2. Little White Church
  3. I’ll Run And Hide
  4. Handful Of Weeds
  5. No Longer An Orphan
  6. Hold To God’s Unchanging Hand
  7. The Promise
  8. He’s Pouring Out Blessings
  9. The Reach Of Prayer
  10. Over In The Glory Land | Sample


A Sensational Spencer ConcertA Sensational Spencer Concert | Buy Now
(Kevin Spencer & Friends 1-6 | The Spencers 7-14)

  1. So Much To Thank Him For
  2. I’ll Put On A Crown
  3. Go And Tell
  4. Breakin’ Jail At Midnight
  5. Don’t Give Up
  6. Heaven Will Be Worth The Journey
  7. Troublesome Waters
  8. Let’s Meet By The River
  9. Hem Of His Garment | Sample
  10. My Visit To Heaven
  11. Drinking From My Saucer
  12. Two Coats
  13. I’m Glad I’m On The Inside Looking Out
  14. We Shall Meet



Bluegrass Memories | Buy Now

  1. That Is Where I Want To Go
  2. I Go To Jesus And Rest
  3. He Went To The Cross For Me
  4. The Model Church | Sample
  5. My Lord Will Be There
  6. Heaven Holds All To Me
  7. Bluegrass Memories
  8. Rank Stranger
  9. He Has Called Me By My Name
  10. Keep On The Sunny Side
  11. I’m Glad I’m On The Inside Looking Out


Live At The Mountain Arts CenterLive At The Mountain Arts Center | Buy Now

  1. Bigger Than Any Mountain
  2. Chances Are
  3. Rock Of Ages
  4. I Never Shall Forget The Day
  5. Touched By The Power Of God
  6. Far Side Banks Of Jordan
  7. The Old Ship Of Zion
  8. The Old Country Church
  9. Setting My House In Order
  10. Were You There?
  11. I’ll Take Your Place | Sample
  12. Little Mountain Church
  13. Home Free
  14. Drinking From My Saucer
  15. Two Coats
  16. I’ll Put On A Crown


I'll Take Your PlaceI’ll Take Your Place | Buy Now

  1. I’ll Take Your Place
  2. Bigger Than Any Mountain
  3. Setting My House In Order
  4. Drinking From My Saucer | Sample
  5. Heaven Will Be Worth The Journey
  6. Were You There?
  7. My Soul Has Wings
  8. I Never Shall Forget The Day
  9. The Old Country Church
  10. Home Free


Little Mountain ChurchLittle Mountain Church | Buy Now

  1. He Was There
  2. God Sends Holy Angels
  3. Little Mountain Church House
  4. Rock Of Ages
  5. God Changed His Mind
  6. Wonderful Jesus
  7. Far Side Banks Of Jordan |  Sample
  8. Night Can’t Fall
  9. Two Coats
  10. God’s Gonna Move A Mountain


Did You See The AngelsDid You See The Angels | Buy Now

  1. Chances Are | Sample
  2. Take Me Back
  3. I’m Proud Of You Christians
  4. I Just Came To Place Some Flowers
  5. Covered By The Blood
  6. Did You See The Angels
  7. We Have Come To Worship
  8. Ten Thousand Angels
  9. Touched By The Power Of God
  10. Wait A Little Long Please Jesus
  11. Amish Country Jubilee


A Better WayA Better Way | Buy Now

  1. He Still Rolls The Stone Away | Sample
  2. Running As Fast As I Can
  3. The Love Of God
  4. Had It Not Been
  5. God Moves Mountains
  6. Down Memory Lane
  7. It Must Have Been A Hard Hill To Climb
  8. I Will Serve Thee
  9. The Victory Song
  10. I Found A Better Way

Three Little LambsThe Three Little Lambs (Kids Only) | Buy Now

  1. With Jesus I’m Never Alone | Sample
  2. My All In All
  3. The Great Speckled Bird
  4. Plan To Meet Me In Heaven
  5. When He Comes Back
  6. Family Bible
  7. It Takes A Miracle
  8. Home And Christmas
  9. The Friendly Beasts
  10. Harp On The Willow

Where Are The ChildrenWhere Are The Children | Buy Now

  1. Where Are The Children | Sample
  2. My All In All
  3. Endless Supply
  4. Forever To Get Acquainted
  5. I Can’t Stand Up Alone
  6. Just A Carpenter
  7. So Much To Thank Him For
  8. Christians Never Die
  9. Everything Works For The Good
  10. Don’t Lose Your First Love


Up Calvary's HillUp Calvary’s Hill | Buy Now

  1. Most Of All
  2. When He Comes Back
  3. Walking My Lord Up Calvary’s Hill | Sample
  4. I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before
  5. We Will Win
  6. I Want To Go There And See
  7. Come Spring
  8. Harp On The Willow
  9. We Have A Savior
  10. The Altar


20th Anniversary20th Anniversary | Buy Now

  1. Once Was Enough
  2. He’s Been Too Good To Me
  3. He Is Mine
  4. Some Dawning
  5. Home Where My Heart Belongs
  6. O Come Angel Band
  7. I Won’t Let The Valley Get Me Down
  8. For Those
  9. Hallelujah Morning
  10. We Shall Meet | Sample


Live At Amish Country JubilleLIVE! At Amish Country Jubilee | Buy Now

  1. The Amish Country Jubilee
  2. I Found A Better Way
  3. The Victory Song
  4. In My Robe of White
  5. The Love of God
  6. Down Memory Lane
  7. Had It Not Been
  8. He Still Rolls The Stone Away
  9. God Moves Mountains
  10. Medley including: We Will Win, The Model Church, Rough Side of The Mountain, Come Spring, Coming Soon, It’ll Be Worth It After All, Let’s Meet By The River, It Must Have Been A Hard Hill To Climb, Running As Fast As I Can, Encore: He Still Rolls The Stone Away

Country Gospel Favorites

Country Gospel Favorites | Buy Now

  1. Crying In The Chapel
  2. House Of Gold
  3. Try A Little Kindness
  4. Great Speckled Bird
  5. Suppertime
  6. Peace In The Valley
  7. In The Garden
  8. On The Wings Of  A Dove
  9. God Bless The USA
  10. Why Me Lord
  11. I Saw The Light
  12. One Day At A Time | Sample

Live In TortolaSpencers Live in Tortola, British Virgin Islands | Buy Now

  1. Plan To Meet Me In Heaven | Sample
  2. They Could Be Thinking About Calling Me Home
  3. Heaven On The Horizon
  4. Just For A Day
  5. It Takes A Miracle
  6. The Model Church
  7. Coming Soon
  8. Looking At Calvary
  9. He Was Taken Up
  10. You Can Tell
  11. Let’s Pray Down A Burden
  12. Let’s Get Ready
  13. Together In His Love


It'll Be Worth It After AllIt’ll Be Worth It After All | Buy Now

  1. It’ll Be Worth It After All
  2. With You As My Shepherd
  3. Saved Through Jesus’ Blood
  4. God Has A Place
  5. Heaven Won’t Always Be Someday
  6. Let’s Meet By The River | Sample
  7. Beautiful
  8. Face To Face
  9. Family Bible
  10. My Visit To Heaven


Coming SoonComing Soon | Buy Now

  1. Coming Soon | Sample
  2. Buried Treasure
  3. God Took Nothing And Made Something Out Of Me
  4. I’m Longing For Home
  5. I’m Going To Move In
  6. When I See The Cross
  7. Palms Of Victory
  8. Walking Through The Ages Of Time
  9. Shepherd Of My Valley (What Would I Do Without Jesus)
  10. He’s Coming Back


Home And ChristmasHome And Christmas | Buy Now

  1. Home And Christmas | Sample
  2. Away In A Manger
  3. Missing You At Christmas
  4. Joy To The World
  5. No Room At The Inn
  6. A Christmas Miracle
  7. One Christmas Dark Night
  8. The Friendly Beasts
  9. Christmas Time’s A Comin’
  10. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear


I'd Like To Go Home AgainI’d Like To Go Home Again | Buy Now

  1. I’d Like To Go Home Again
  2. I’d Be Willing To Run All The Way
  3. I Pressed Through The Crowd
  4. He Promised
  5. He’ll Lift Up A Standard
  6. Waiting At The River
  7. When The Sun Comes Up Tomorrow
  8. With Jesus I’m Never Alone
  9. There’s More To Me
  10. When My Time Comes To Go | Sample


Live In Mansfield OhioSpencers Live In Mansfield, Ohio | Buy Now

  1. I Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now
  2. There Is Joy
  3. When I Crossed That River
  4. In My Robe Of White | Sample
  5. Peace Of Mind
  6. Giver Of Life
  7. I’ll Take The Road I Know
  8. Go Get My Children


PrayingPraying | Buy Now

  1. Praying
  2. I’ll Put On A Crown
  3. I’d Like To Talk It Over With Him
  4. Taggin’ Along With Jesus
  5. The First One I’ll See
  6. Then We’ll Be Glad
  7. I’m Not At Home Anymore
  8. Let’s Turn Back To God
  9. I’ll Look For You
  10. Rough Side Of The Mountain | Sample


Moving OutMoving Out | Buy Now

  1. Gonna Move On Out
  2. Fallen Leaves
  3. More Precious Than Gold
  4. Wise Men Seek Jesus
  5. Going Past The Moon
  6. When They Tell You I’m Gone
  7. Hem Of His Garment
  8. He Called
  9. His Hand Reached Further Down
  10. Morning Rain


God's On Our SideGod’s On Our Side | Buy Now

  1. God’s On Our Side
  2. No One Ever Told Me
  3. The Lord Invited Me To Go
  4. I’m Following The One
  5. Heaven On My Mind
  6. Gonna Run Home Now
  7. Mindful Of Thee
  8. Dreaming Of A Little Cabin
  9. Hills Of Old Judea
  10. No Burdens Pass Through

HeritageHeritage (A Capella) | Buy Now

  1. Amazing Grace
  2. We Shall Sleep But Not Forever
  3. Hold Fast To The Right
  4. Little Bessie
  5. I’ve Just Seen The Rock Of Ages
  6. Gloryland
  7. Troublesome Waters
  8. Will The Circle Be Unbroken


When I Crossed That RiverWhen I Crossed That River | Buy Now

  1. When I Crossed That River
  2. In My Robe Of White
  3. We’ll Be Heaven Bound
  4. The Model Church
  5. The Grave Could Not Hold Him
  6. I’ll Never Die
  7. It’s So Peaceful
  8. Don’t Fail To Go Through
  9. The Unseen Hand
  10. Fifty Miles ‘Of Elbow Room


He Was Taken UpHe Was Taken Up | Buy Now

  1. He Was Taken Up
  2. Heaven On The Horizon
  3. Draw Nigh To God
  4. Two Coats
  5. Lay Your Burdens At The Feet Of Jesus
  6. Glimpse Of That City
  7. Waiting When He Comes
  8. Down Through The Clouds
  9. Carry On Church
  10. No Tears In Heaven


Sounds Of That CitySounds Of That City | Buy Now

  1. Sounds Of That City
  2. Farther Down The Road
  3. He’s Coming Soon
  4. Leavin’ On My Mind
  5. He Led Me Out
  6. Until The Race Is Run
  7. Nothing Will Turn Me Around
  8. We Could Never Do Too Much
  9. Jesus Called My Name
  10. The Same Spirit


Blessed Lord I Love YouBlessed Lord I Love You | Buy Now

  1. Blessed Lord I Love You
  2. I’ll Run And Hide
  3. The Tomb Is Empty Now
  4. How Happy We Will Be
  5. Calm The Storm Lord
  6. There’ll Be No Tears
  7. The Shoreline Of Love
  8. He Gave His Only Son
  9. Born Again
  10. I Know He Cares
  11. The Old Ship Of Zion
  12. Consider The Lillies


Sacred MemoriesSacred Memories | Buy Now

  1. Sacred Memories
  2. It’s Shoutin’ Time
  3. My Brand New Home
  4. On Heaven’s Bright Shore
  5. The Christian Life
  6. Keep Me In Your Hand Lord
  7. You’ve Never Really Lived
  8. Our Trials Can’t Compare
  9. I Just Want To Thank You Lord
  10. The Master’s Strong Hand
  11. These Are They
  12. I’ll Make It Through The Valley


A Place Called HeavenA Place Called Heaven | Buy Now

  1. A Place Called Heaven
  2. He’s Been Too Good To Me
  3. Jesus Held On To My Hand
  4. Never Failing God
  5. He’ll Hold To My Hand
  6. Two Coats
  7. Hallelujah Square
  8. Touring That City
  9. New Shoes
  10. Thank God For The Old Rugged Cross
  11. I’ll Wake Up In Glory
  12. White Winged Angel


The Best Is Yet To ComeThe Best Is Yet To Come | Buy Now

  1. The Best Is Yet To Come
  2. I Wonder What’s Up There
  3. Old Time Preacher Man
  4. The Lights Of Home
  5. Green Pastures
  6. Winds Of Trial
  7. The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side
  8. Brush Arbor Medley
  9. You Don’t Need To Understand
  10. Run to Jesus
  11. Going Up
  12. Must I Go And Empty Handed


The Unseen HandThe Unseen Hand | Buy Now

  1. The Unseen Hand
  2. Family Of God
  3. When I Pray
  4. I Will Follow Thee
  5. Medals For Mother
  6. No Lock On My Mansion Door
  7. In The Valley
  8. What A Happy Day
  9. I Wouldn’t Miss It
  10. The Light On The Shore
  11. Just Over In The Glory Land
  12. Thank God I’m Free